April 3, 2018
MARC Crews of the Week

Men's: Franklin & Marshall First and Second Varsity Eights
The Diplomats competed against Vassar, Skidmore and Hamilton Saturday afternoon on the Erie Canal in New York.

The first varsity eight opened competition against Vassar and finished first with a time of 7:15, winning the race by more than 20 seconds. F&M advanced to the final race to take on Hamilton but came up short when Hamilton crossed the line at 6:39.2 and the Diplomats finished at 7:11.2.

F&M's second varsity eight also placed second on the day, ending their race with a time of 7:33.5. Hamilton placed first at 7:03.5 while Skidmore was third at 7:47.8.

First Varsity Eight: Tamir Shemesh (coxswain), Aidan Molloy (8), Sean Hyland (7), Lukas Grattan (6), Trexler Hirn (5), James Jarvis (4), Harris Karlin (3), Joel Cannon (2) and Brandon Schneider (1).

Second Varsity Eight: Zerubabbel Asfaw (coxswain), Ben Carroll (8), Sam Parsons (7), Craig Fanto (6), Dylan Smith (5), Steven Nicodemo (4), Ricky Ferris (3), Ngoun Lay (2), Giuseppe Inglima (1)

Women's: Franklin & Marshall Varsity Eight
The varsity eight of F&M took on No. 6 Hamilton, Vassar and Trinity Saturday on the Erie Canal in New York.

The Diplomats' first varsity eight advanced out of their opening heat with a time of 7:47.4 to earn a place in the finals.  F&M concluded its strong showing with a second-place finish and a time of 7:50.3. Hamilton was first at 7:23.1 while Vassar came in third at 7:58.4.     

Lineup: Kelly Minard (coxswain), Katie Benham (8), Paige Alexander (7), Teresa Chappell (6), Liz Bordie (5), Margaret Stoner (4), Annette Von Jaglinsky (3), Leah Issokson (2), Helen Nelson (1).